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CFR Carpet Cleaner

CFR’s portable Pro-500 and Pro-750 upright extractors equip carpet cleaning professionals with all of the tools needed to achieve contractor-grade, deep cleaning results.

A workhorse of a machine, designed to meet multiple cleaning demands, the CFR upright extractor provides superior flexibility, portability and tackles virtually any cleaning task including restorative carpet care, stairs, upholstery, fabric office partitions, and even hard surfaces with grouted title.

Econo Blend Ice Melter

  • Easy-to-see for an efficient application every time
  • Won’t stain carpets or floors
  • Melts ice down to -7℉/21℃
  • Reduces potential damage to metal
  • Safe on air-entrained, cured concrete when used as directed
  • Safe for pets when used as directed
  • Fast Acting
  • Enhanced melting performance
  • Safe to handle, won’t harm skin
  • Easier and faster sell-through

Crystal Lake Brooms

Coreless Roll Liners

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