Powered Equipment Service and Repair

Powered Equipment Service & Repair

We Will Service & Repair Your Equipment Within North Georgia

AMROS specializes in the following:

  • commercial installation
  • servicing
  • on-site or off-site repair of equipment
  • yearly servicing to keep your equipment run efficiently
  • Tune-ups
  • Parts replacement

Warranty Service
For brands we sell and others depending on the region

Drop-Off Service
Bring in your machine and we will repair it.

Pick-Up Service
Call us and we will pick up your machine to repair or service.

Machine Rentals
At AMROS, we are fully equipped to rent quality, safe and reliable machines. All equipment is checked before each rental and operator instructions are provided.

Programmed Maintenance Contracts
Programmed Maintenance (PM’s) protect the investment you have in your machines by assuring you they are in top shape for high productivity and in safe operating conditions.

Our Promise

We stand behind the equipment we carry, but more importantly we stand by the customers who allow us to serve them on a daily basis. At Atlanta MRO, you’re not only getting the highest caliber equipment and supplies, you’re getting superior quality and trusted support. Most importantly though, we want to make your equipment experience a great one.

AMROS was, in fact, designed to be a complete source for your maintenance, repair and operational needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to make your life run smoothly by having all of your needs completed by one source, hence our motto “One Source for a Healthy Building”. Our desire is to satisfy your demands in an efficient, accurate, supportive manner and with the years of experience and combined expertise of our team, we can make exactly that happen. Furthermore, we are here to assist you, not to hinder you.

Our guiding principal has always been to meet the needs and best interests of our customers! Our promise, the well being of our clients will always come first. As a technologically oriented distribution system, Atlanta MRO Supply was founded on over 150 years of industry experience. We want to help our customers find the most efficient, cost effective, healthy solutions to their cleaning and maintenance needs.

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