New Equipment

New Equipment

New Equipment from Atlanta MRO Supply will be available within days of placing an order. Used Equipment and Equipment Parts are available as soon as possible from the Atlanta MRO Supply warehouse.

IPC Eagle CT15

This piece of equipment offers exceptional productivity in tight areas, and is an extremely robust and light floor cleaning machine. The ergonomic design of the handles makes it even easier to maneuver and does not strain the operator. The CT15 is a high-quality performance vacuum with a removable recovery tank, height-adjustable handle, and an easy-to-use control panel.

IPC Eagle SmartVac™ 464

The Smart Vac™ 464 is in a category all of its own and will change how floor surfaces are maintained: it vacuums carpets & sweeps floors at an incredibly productivity rate, it automatically adjusts to any surface, and even cleans it’s own filter.  The main brush is self-leveling which allows it to pick up large debris on uneven floors.

IPC Eagle CT70 ECS

The CT70 ECS is an incredibly efficient floor cleaning machine featuring the patented micro scrubbing system. The CT70 ECS allows you to get brilliant looking floors while using less water, chemicals and time. You can also claim back the cost of this piece of equipment against taxable profits with the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

NSS eForce® Rider Burnisher

The eForce® Burnisher features the best burnishing technology in the industry combined with the superior productivity of a zero turn riding platform. The front mounted head allows for coverage into corners where other riders cannot. There’s also a “supervisor mode” which allows you to select which drive speeds and pad pressures your operators can use.

NSS Model M-1 “Pig®”

The Model M-1 is the powerhouse vacuum that leaves uprights in the dust. Loyal users call it the “Pig” because it loves dirt. Smart maintenance professionals use the “Pig” because it’s the longest-lasting, most versatile portable vacuum ever made. This machine is ideally suited for locations where furniture and fixtures are prominent, such as schools, universities, office buildings, and retail stores.

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