Commercial Wood Floor Care

Commercial Wood Floor Care

The Best Equipment & Personnel For The Job

We only utilize eco-friendly, non-invasive cleaning chemicals for your wood flooring. With TLC, it will last you years, even decades. We are capable of more than just cleaning your floors. We do the following:

  • install
  • repairs
  • resurfacing
  • re-coat & seal
  • select from multiple types of floors and create inlays/medallions

Since the early 1900’s, the Hillyard name has become synonymous with beautiful wood sports floors. When the company’s founder, Newton S. Hillyard, first developed a finish to take the place of early oil dressings, the whole complexion of indoor sports changed for the better. Since that day, Hillyard has expanded its extensive research and development capabilities to maintain its leadership in wood gym floor care. Today, Hillyard continues to establish the standards of excellence for wood gym floor finishes and maintenance products.

Hillyard wood sports floor coating systems meet the most demanding needs. Hillyard coatings are renowned for their durability and have become the choice for major tournament floors and even the Basketball Hall of Fame!
Hillyard is also the official cleaning and maintenance products company of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Keep your gym floor looking good!

Use our dust mop with Hil-Tone or Hil-Mist. As a general rule, your gym floor should be dust mopped with Hillyard Super Hil-Tone or Hil-Mist after every two hours of use. The dust mops used on your gym floor should be dedicated to the gym only and not used on other floors in your building.

For long-term maintenance, clean your gym floor at least weekly. When using the Hillyard Super Shine-All to remove stubborn soils, spills, perspiration and other foreign matter from the floor, mix at 2 ounces  per gallon of water.


Gym Line Marking Paint

Use the Hillyard Gym Line Graphic Arts Paint Selector Guide to choose from over 150 colors made to order.

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