Improving Cleaning Results
At AMROS Tech, you will learn the specifics on what it takes within the commercial cleaning industry. You will take courses and upon completion, the certification will be presented to you.
What you need to know about microfiber and how it works
On-site Generation of Cleaning Solutions
An introduction to what it takes to be part of a Risk Management Team
Before you clean, understand what you are cleaning
What you need to know about proactive measures to secure both personnel and the facilities we maintain
Start here by learning the basics of the professional cleaning industry
Safety is being aware that behavior affects safety
What frontline Technicians need to know about chemical safety
Learn the importance of communication, appearances, energy and attitude plus much more
Grit removal and pH are the daily tasks. Learn why in this course
Breaking the chain of infections is job ONE! Learn why here
Healthy “Best Practices” for Processing a Restroom
Learn why keeping soil localized and removing contaminates daily are paramount to a quality carpet maintenance program
Learn about Vinyl Composition Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile maintenance
Processing a Classroom