Amros Tech Training for Commercial Cleaning

Amros Tech Training For Commercial Cleaning

From an Outside Point of View

Commercial Cleaning is not simply just handing out cleaning supplies to a new employee and trusting they will get the jobs done effectively or at all. Cleanliness in the bathroom is the largest complaint within any building. Why? Lack of knowledge. The cleaning industry has not taken the time to delve into these issues until now. There has never been a collaboration to manage and address the cleaning industry effectively, therefore, several years ago *ISSA and *CMI created a partnership to address them.

Atlanta MRO Supply offers training courses that are classified into three major series.

  • The Frontline series consists of ten 90-minute courses for new employees and supervisors. These people are on the job and make up a large portion of the industry and therefore, are the most valuable asset within this industry.
  • The Master series are geared towards leadership and management level positions. These 4-day courses are taught at a facility.
  • The Expert series courses are all on location at the Orlando Campus in Florida and require a 20-hour minimum of classroom time. Only a verified trainer with a CMI certification can provide these courses.

The lack of education for new employees is an issue that is an epidemic resulting in high turnover rates of employees. Employee retention is the cleaning industry’s biggest problem and also very costly. The employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Investing in this asset via training is crucial to continuously providing the best quality service for clients.
In having said that, investing $400 in a training session for each employee (asset) per year is a very minimal cost. In the long run, this investment will save companies a small fortune in their hiring costs by minimizing turnovers.

Cleaning is part of the Risk Management department. Safety is key. If not cleaned correctly, an outbreak can and will happen in a building.

It is the janitor’s job to minimize hazard and risk to the public. A healthy building ensures that procedures and standards are adhered to in order to protect the public from potential hazards. The janitor closet is the first and most important clue to identify if the proper protocol is being followed. An inspector comes out and goes through the building. Only after the building has passed inspection can it be certified as compliant within the industry.

Atlanta MRO Supply will make available the training necessary to teach how to clean these buildings, look out for hazards, and ensure that the building and its staff remains within compliance.

*ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
*CMI – Cleaning Management Institute

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